Between July and October the Masai Mara wildebeest migration is the showground of Africa. Kenya is a year round destination with some of the best game viewing activities. The best time to see this wildlife spectacle is from July to October. Not only the Big Five (African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros) is present here, but also plenty of most interesting reptiles, insects and plants. Kenya Safari in January This is a beautiful month to come and visit our Kenya safari lodge, as the landscape gets coated with a luscious shade of green from plenty of rain. BEST TIME TO GO TO ON SAFARI IN MASAI MARA. Water is scarce at this time so animals tend to congregate at water sources, making them easier to spot (for safari-goers and predators). See below what to expect from one season to the other. If you remember your school geography, you’ll know that for every 100m you climb from sea level, you can reckon on a drop in temperature of 0.6°C (6°C per 1000m). This is because all the seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. The classic best time to visit Tanzania and Kenya on safari is generally from mid-June through to late October, the peak being around August and September. Great Migration Safaris … ... Best Time To Visit. What people consider the “best” time to safari is a matter of personal preference regarding weather, wildlife behavior and travel season. However, Kenya has a moderate climate all year round, and with the exception being the 5 rainiest months – March, April, May, October, and November – rains are generally short-lived showers in the afternoon and evening. To experience a safari in Kenya is to enjoy incredible biodiversity and natural beauty, luxury and private camps, and some of the highest standards of professional guiding in Africa, along with a warm welcome and personalised hospitality from genuinely friendly people. During these months, the weather is generally dry (although it can get really hot in October and the tail-end of September) and most trails are open. Catch Kenya at its peak. The weather in Kenya is often ideal, although the coast can be very humid and there are hot, desert-like conditions around Lake Magadi and in the northern areas of the country around Lake Turkana. Each traveler will find a time that fits them, and it will be actually wrong to say that one season is not good. November to December: Even hotter and drier, and after your safari - a great plan is to head for the cooler coastal resorts to relax and recharge before going home. The Wildebeest Migration occurs every year between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, from July to September. COVID-19 UPDATE: Keeping you … It’s the Africa of storybooks, wherever long-limbed Maasai traverse the wonderful plains, the antelope of the good Migration plunge across the watercourse during a show of life and death, and there’s a special animal around each corner. The tremendous wildlife is the highlight of safari trips in Kenya. Being free to choose any time to visit Kenya is perfect, surely. The Climate In Kenya What is the best time to go on safari? The best safari in Kenya for you depends on your pocket and what you would like to see and do while here. The best time for a safari in Kenya is during the dry season (January to February). The best time to go on safari is during the dry season, which is June to October for the majority of sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya has both wet and dry seasons, which may have an impact on the Kenya holiday you are planning such as a wildlife safari, wildebeest migration, climbing or beach holiday, so an insight into the Kenya’s weather patterns is useful. Kenya lies on the equator and shares common borders with Tanzania and Uganda, which […] Kenya is home to Africas second highest mountain, whilst the Tsavo and Samburu game reserves offer rewarding safari experiences. Kenya is often portrayed as the best safari destination, and we agree with it fully! Best Time of Year to Visit Kenya - Determine Your Priorities. There are plenty of wildlife gathering throughout the savannah to water-holes depending on how the October / November rains held up. Best time of year to visit . Masai Mara is known to have excellent wildlife viewing all year round. This also coincides with … Kenya boasts unforgettable bush and beach vacations with destinations such as Diani Beach providing the perfect setting for some well-deserved relaxation. Land in Nairobi: If you depart from Dubai, India or any other place in the world it’s best to fly into Nairobi and start your Kenya safari from there. Certainly, this is considered as the best time to go on a Kenya Safari. The Masai Mara is home to the Big Five and witnesses the Great Migration that follows a year-long cycle. Let’s help you find out the best time of the year to visit Kenya. What is the best time to go on safari. Kenya is a fantastic safari destination at any time of year with world-famous national parks boasting a incredible array of wildlife and brief wet seasons. The rainy seasons are also good times to travel, as there are fewer visitors and you can admire the striking emerald vegetation. Best time to go on a Safari in Kenya . Sitting on the Equator, Kenya offers good conditions and comfortable year-round temperatures across the country, so it’s hard to define a ‘best time to visit Kenya’. That being said, there are particular months and areas that go hand in hand, offering exceptional safari and game viewing experiences. Read more on how to get to Masai Mara in our travel guide. Kenya Safari, Safari Planning Tanzania Kenya Safari The Masai Mara, presumably the continent’s most adored and most loathed life reserve. ; Masai Mara (2-3 days): Jump on a guided game drive across the iconic Savanna plains and observe big cats on your Masai Mara safari. Kenya’s wildlife parks can be visited throughout the year, however the best wildlife viewing is observed during the dry seasons from January to March and July to October. One of the biggest surprises for most first-time visitors to Kenya is the experience of a chilly game drive on safari, especially early in the morning. The best time of year to visit Kenya depends on what you want to accomplish and where you’d like to visit. You would love traveling to Kenya between June and October since it the dry season and the best time for game viewing but keep in ,mind that wildlife in Kenya can be viewed all year round and not necessarily wildlife viewing but there are a number of other activities like beaches, mountain climbing and other. And another best time to visit Kenya. The best time to go is usually July to February. However for those looking for an opportunity to watch as the great wildebeest migration unfolds the best time to visit the Mara is from July to October. All four properties we use are from the portfolio of Safari Collection, and at three of these there’s a 35 percent discount. Best time to visit Kenya – Kenya is open to travelers throughout the year although the best time to enjoy holiday safaris in Kenya is during the dry season which has the inland and coastal temperature with little or no expected rainfall. These months are exceptional for checking out the wildlife. The best time to visit most Kenya safari destinations is between January and the end of March: Mild climate, mostly dry thus game viewing is at its peak. Rainy season: Mid-March to June also between October and December. The answer to this question is varied. KenyaSunny days and clear skies make July through October the best time to visit Kenya. This time … Timing is everything, they say, and it’s true of booking a dream safari in Kenya. We hope that this handy guide will help you work out when is the best time to visit Kenya. Alternatively, a rainy season visit – between mid-March to June and again between October and December – is well worth considering in order to avoid the peak-season crowds and to take advantage of cheaper, off-season rates on accommodation and tours. The Best Time for a Masai Mara Safari. The best time to go on safari in Kenya and experience a vast density and diversity of wildlife is when the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gnu descend on the Mara plains with predators close behind. The second dry season coincides with the phenomenal spectacle of the Great Wildebeest Migration. Kenya Safari Itinerary Highlights. The best time to go on Kenya Safari is between January and the end of March; the climate is mild, mostly dry and game viewing is at its peak. When is the best time to visit Kenya? Best Time To Visit Kenya: Advice From the Safari Experts Posted in: News Synonymous with the Hemingway-style safari and home to some of this continent’s greatest wildlife viewing, most iconic African landscapes and best-known reserves, Kenya is the Africa most people dream about. A significant number of safari adventures are offered all around the country. Kenya’s safari holiday industry is mature and well-organised and you will find a huge variety of Kenya safari tours packages to suit most itineraries, budgets and preferences, with walking, horse riding, kayaking, cultural and beach safaris all on offer. Just mind that the most popular parks are extremely crowded during the high season. This is a verylong dry season and a very popular time to go for safari in Kenya. Kenya Beach Holidays From Savannah to Sea, from Bush to Beach. One of the best times to visit Kenya is from July to September, during the country’s dry season, which also coincides with the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. Kenya with the Safari Collection: 11N Special . This trip begins at the internationally renowned Giraffe Manor, before continuing on to three of Kenya’s best safari areas! However, a safari in the short rainy season (November to December) is well worth considering. Most Kenya safari destinations and the major Tanzania safari areas are at their best between January and the end of March as well as June to October, when the climate is mild and dry. Kenya is divided by the equator and is characterized by a tropical climate. Looking for the best time to visit Kenya for Safari? It is the best time to see the Great Wildebeest Migration, gazelles and zebras. Best Time to Safari in Kenya. March 31, 2016 admin Tips and Guides. So there's always something of … Luxury Kenya Safari Your Luxury Kenya Safari allows you to explore Kenya where the safaris there are still truly once in a lifetime experience, with arguably some of the best game viewing, culture and luxury lodges and camps in all of Africa. However, if you have children and you depend on their holidays, then September or October won’t be Kenya safari best time for you. This four-to-five month window, between East Africa’s two rainy seasons, is when both the weather is at its best … In July, the weather is dry and temperate with occasional rainsand here the Masai Mara receives the first herds of the wildebeests from Tanzania. Today, there are more than 10 ways to explore the country including: Kenya family safaris, Kenya camping safaris, Kenya honeymoon safaris, Kenya beach safaris, Kenya wildlife safaris, small group journeys, and more. The best time to visit Kenya depends on what you want to do. “June to October is an excellent time for Kenya tours. You can enjoy Kenya safaris and Beach holiday safaris at any time in the course of the year. Safari in Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience for all kinds of travelers.

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